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We wish you and yours a Blessed and Prosperous New Year. This year, Comin at Cha will be a special time for us at the Badlands Bar 3. We plan to honor all our Veterans. This is a First, and I mean the First time all Veterans shoot free for the match. If you are asking yourself why, only one word comes to mind - Respect. Or maybe Honor, or Tradition. We all stand for one word - Freedom. That’s more than one word but I get excited real fast!

In 2020, I was diagnosed with cancer and after a long fight and lots of money which was paid for by the VA, I am back to shooting. I want to pay it forward by offering all Veterans free shooting for 2023, to include CaC, 2023. This year, CaC is September 20 - 23, 2023. The Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Cowboy match will begin September 16th - 23, 2023.

With this free shoot I have also teamed up with Scott Burns and 7 Days For the Troops. A not-for-profit organization which helps Veterans with mobility machines, house restoration/renovation, retreats, and other activities that help fill the gap for unmet needs for our disabled Veterans.

We plan to have several fund raisers during the match and hope you can donate anything to help. Everything is set and we are ready for battle and this begins with donations. I have devised a simple donation schedule, but all donations are appreciated and accepted.

Private: $10 - Pickup Sponsor

Sergeant: $25 - Firing Line Sponsor

Lieutenant: $50 - Line Sponsor

Colonel: $100 - Booklet Sponsor

CWII: $200 - Stage Sponsor

General: $500 - Range Sponsor

Please help us honor our Veterans and welcome them to Texas. Donations sent to us will be forward to 7 Days for the Troops. You can also donate through their website:

Thank you very much!

T-Bone and Ellie

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